The range of our COURSES is so wide, that you can start with cook assistants course, perfecting the knowledge until you become a restaurant CEO. Our courses are held either in the mornings or evenings, depending on the tempo of your life. We organize courses for amateurs and professionals. We know everything about delicious food! Come and try yourself! 

We organize various MASTER-CLASSES at our school. You can spend your lunch or dinner in the cozy atmosphere of our kitchen. Our motto is very simple: find out how to cook, cook it yourself and enjoy! You can learn from the best chefs and experienced teachers of our school. The program of the master classes is so varied, but the results are always the same – Simply excellent!

Why is it worth to choose us?

COOK.EE – is a complex of the most explicit factors and facts: variety of events, best professionals, well equiped kitchen, convenient location, effective networking between best restaurateurs and chefs, positive mood, best practices and the most delicious food. Ever!

We are the only school in Baltics that created the International Program of Studies. Our specialities and courses consist of: cook, chef, baker, confectioner, bartender and restaurateur programmes. We pay the same attention to theory as well as practice. All our courses include the internship in the best restaurants of Baltics.

We organize various events for professionals and amateurs. Our master classes are well-considered for different levels of knowledge and skills. You can enjoy an outstanding evening spent with your friends cooking or you can have a professional intensive training with professionals from various Michelin restaurants.

Intensive training programs for professional chefs are well implemented taking into consideration the professional needs and strategic plans in the career.

Our school was created for those who fell in love with cooking. If you are planning to constantly perfect your studies, make your friends happy and visit best restaurants in your country and abroad, you are more than welcome!


All our programs are constantly updated according to the modern trends in the culinary world. Every group of graduates gives new experience and progress. Every time different topics and techniques are seen differently – improved. We have created the best and only database of chefs and professionals.

Practical aspects of the courses are taken into serious consideration on the path of succesfull career. The most perspective students are given the possibility to work with the best chefs of Estonia and all over the world, some of them even listed in the Michelin Guide.

If you are not an Estonian resident, we are able to help you with accomodation, visa invitation, as well as take the advisers role in all that relates to studies in the culinary field. You can get maximum of all the possibilities that our country, restaurants and professionals offer.

Enjoy a wonderful master class evening with best professionals. Spend the time with people who enjoy the same tastes and flavours! Enjoy the meal and the pleasure of working in a new team! In many cultures, hospitality is one of the highest forms of respect. So let's share our food more often?