PRO: Management Roles

PRO: Management Roles

About training:

In this course restaurantmanagers and headchefs get knowledge about the 8 different roles a manager could use to reach his or her strategic and operational goals with the team around him or her. The student gets knowledge about these roles, learns what his or her strong roles, to be developed roles and needed roles to his or her team are. Also the student gets tips and advices when specific roles should be used and also when they shouldn’t be used to his or her team. Extra attention will be given to the so-called softer management roles which are more difficult to develop and in nowadays Estonian restaurants and hotels more and more needed to connect with the new generation of waiters, waitresses, chefs, sous chefs and headchefs. 

At the end of the course students are more conscious when and which roles are needed in all situations in the operation of his or her restaurant. Using the right role will make the student in his or her work more effective, more senior to his or her team and will give less troubled situations cause of using management roles more clever.

This course is suitable for junior and allround restaurant managers, junior to senior headchefs. Also senior headwaiters do fit in the course.


Jacco Adriaanse — Advisor, Trainer and Coach.

Dutch specialist in Sales, Human resources and Hospitality. Jacco has previously worked as a Personal Coach, Sales strategist, Operational Manager both in Amsterdam and Estonia. His strongest skills are Management issues and HR issues. He dedicated 10 years of service in four/five star hotels, restaurants and conference venues. More than 9 years of training experience (commercial and communication skills, hospitality skills, coaching on the job, management development, team building, strategic acting and thinking). Currently Jacco represents the restaurant Art Priori, Tallinn.

Целевая группа настоящего тренинга: владельцы, управляющие и шеф-повара отелей и ресторанов
Язык проведения: английский. Возможен перевод на русский язык.
Место проведения: Parda 6, Tallinn

По итогам курса каждому участнику будет выдан сертификат.

Для регистрации на курс необходимо оставить заявку на сайте либо по электроному адресу [email protected]. Дополнительная информация по телефону 54 555 888.

NB! К цене прибавляется налог с оборота.

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